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(Thai) Visa for Foreign Students

Required Documents for Studying Bi-Lingual Program in Thailand


1.1       Passport of the student (Every details in every page of the passport is required)
1.2       The student visa has to be type O or type ED only.


2.1       Passport of the parent who is holding Thai work permit (Every details in every page of the passport is required)
2.2       Spouse’s Passport (Every details in every page of the passport is required)
2.3       Copy of Overseas Residents Register (Residence Certificate) issued by the embassy; however, copy of Lease (Rental) Agreement of your current residence is acceptable.
2.4       Copy of Work Permit (as the parent – Every details in every page of the work permit book is required)
2.5       Copy of your Tax Payment (as the parent – the latest one would be appreciated)

Remarks :

3.1       Guardian Appointment
            In case that the parent of the foreign student cannot provide the set of documents (B),        the parent is able to appoint his/her Thai friend to be the student’s guardian.  The guardian appointment has to be applied with Thai embassy on abroad or the parents’ embassy in Bangkok.

3.2       Thailand Ministry of Education needs at least 1(one) month validity
            The visa affairs for the foreign students who study bi-lingual or English program in Thailand (except international program) has to use certify letters from Thailand ministry of education (MOE)  However, the foreign student and parents documents according (A) and (B) have to have validity at least 1 month on the date of applying for certify letter with the MOE.  If the validity of some document is less than 1(one) month, TCS would like to ask for cooperation to extend such document.   


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