Secondary Level (G.7 – G.12)


History and Profile

The English Program commenced in 1998 and follows the Ministry of Education Curriculum, from Grade 1 through to Grade 12.

The subjects taught are:
– mathematics
– social studies
– science (physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth sciences)
– computer skills
– arts and crafts
– music
– Thai, English and Chinese languages

Please note that most of these subjects being taught in both the Thai and English languages.

All the teaching staff are fully qualified and well experienced within their respective fields. They are committed to offering the students the best education possible by utilising the latest methodologies and technologies.

The school’s graduates have found that they are eligible to further their studies in both Thai and international programs offered by local universities, as well as overseas universities.

Three Programs are offered for Grade 10 – 12

  1. Science – Mathematics
  2. Mathematics – English
  3. English – Chinese

The Chinese Language Program
Regarding the Chinese language tuition, the Thai Christian School cooperates with the Office of the Private Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Thailand and the Office of the Language Council International (Hanban), China that provides native Chinese speaking teachers so that the students receive a recognized standard of effective skill in listening, speaking, reading and writing, in preparation for participating in the ASEAN Community.